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Digitalizing your workflow by centralizing it all in one place. Sync your work with other apps and share your data easily with your customers.

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what we do

Digiz is All about




Simplify your workflow by doing most of your work in a single app. Work with your client data, contact data, products data, service data and managing your work process, all in a single app.




Why be forced to work in multiple applications when you can do most of your work in one single application and find your data updated in all your other applications? All your data about products, services, events and projects can be synchronized with external applications in the background. Work smarter, not harder.




A lot of the data your company stores is data that can benefit your customers and partners. Digiz lets you share that data via a REST API. Your partners and customers can integrate to your data and get latest updates. You chose who gets access to your API and what part of your data they can access.

what we offer


Sync your Data

Synchronize your data with services provided by companies such as Salesforce, Fortnox and in the future many more. Do so by adding only the applications you want to sync to and have your data be updated directly from Digiz.

Sync your Data
Excel importing

Import directly from Excel

If you keep data such as customer lists, contact lists or supplier lists, you can easily copy that data over to the lists in Digiz. Simply make sure that the data in your Excel sheets are formated with same column names as the Digiz lists, mark them and copy-paste over to Digiz. It is as simple as CTRL+C and CTRL+V.

Products & Services

The core part of Digiz is the Products and Services lists. This is where you will be adding your data, either manually or by synchronizing it from other services. From now on you only need to think of working with your data here, and it will synchronize with all other apps setup for sync.


Customers & Contacts

Just like with the products and services, you will be able to add both manually, and synchronizing your data from other services that you connect with. You can also easily move your data from an excel sheet by simply copying them over.

why work with us

Digiz will eventually Integrate even the physical you

In our quest of simplifying complex workflows, we might go as far as integrating the physical you into Digiz. But we are not there yet. Until we get there, we are focusing on creating a truly integrated workflow for You. Our app store is an ever-growing place and will provide new ways for you to integrate more of your data and tasks over time.

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