Digiz Apps

Extend your Digiz account with apps

Digiz core gives you the possibility to add your Products and services to the Digiz account. You will be able to add user accounts and configure their user rights. On top of that you will be able to share your Product and Service data on a fine grained level with your customers and possible clients through your own API.

Sometimes this is not enough though and here is where Digiz truly starts shining, through its apps. Synchronize your data with external applications such as economical applications, freight applications and many more. Or do you want to keep your customers in the loop with latest Products, share your latest products on homepages through your API or go further and share it through private or public Slack Channels.

Apps and syncs in the app store

Salesforce is an application, a service, almost an institute that most entrepreneurs know about by now. Simply syncronize your product and service data to and from Salesforce with this app.

If your company is based in Sweden, chances are high you would have heard of Fortnox, the economy app to go to. Synchronise your Product and service data to your Fortnox account without leaving the Digiz application. If you make any changes in your Fortnox account, the data will be synced with your Digiz account as well.

Keep track of all your contacts in a simple to overlook app. You can add, edit or remove and even download your contacts either in a cardview, or Excel sheet. Why not import all your contacts from your existing Excel sheet data in our excel view with a simple copy/paste?

Using Slack channels for your customers and clients? Why not give them the latest product information automatically synced when you add a new product in your product list?

Using Slack channels for your customers and clients? Why not give them the latest Service information automatically synced when you add new services in your service list?

Upcoming Core functionalities

Send Invoices, Offers and Orders directly from Digiz. Fully connected to your Inventory and service data. This functionality will be part of the Core package.

Upcoming apps & syncs

API to calculate the cost of delivery for a certain article from your adress to the customers adress. For the Swedish market.

Add an Event Calendar to your Digiz account, giving your team a possibility to keep track of next Product launch, deadline for your next fashion show, or when the Friday evening After works is to begin.

Add in an easy way new workflows, new jobs that has to be done. Then move them with Drag & Drop to next level when they are being worked on. Follow the "jobs" from idea to completion, and always now when your team finnishes a step and takes it to next level.

Need additional non-covered integrations?

Let us talk. We are open to extending our apps with your special customization and integration projects.