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Articles - Services allows you to upload all your services in one place. You can enter your data one line at a time or use a few clever tricks.

  • Do you still keep your data in Excel? Be sure to format your Excel sheet so that the columns matches the table in Digiz.
  • Fill in the fields you use yourself (it does not matter if fields are empty, as long as you have Name and Description, that are required, filled in).
  • Select all fields, CTRL + C, go to your Digiz account, click on the table in Articles - Service and click CTRL + V. You will see that all data is pasted into the table.
  • Once the data is in place go to the bottom of the table and click Save button if you are happy with how it turned out.
  • If necessary, you can also edit individual fields by clicking on them, edit and press Enter. When done, click the Save button.