Push to Teams

Digiz Push


In the Digiz APP config you will be able to create an optional name for your Teams channel, and add the webhook address to the channel.
You need to create a Webhook for each channel you want to push product / service data to. To do this, follow the instructions below.

Inside your Teams app, go to the team you have the channel in. Right-click on the channel name you want to push to and select Connectors from the list

Find and select Incomming Webhook connection from the list of available connections.

Enter a name for this connection and select Create. Alternatively, you can also upload an optional logo (your company logo, for example), which then appears in teams as a user icon next to the message.

Copy the web hook that appears and save it. Select Done.
You copy the address you got into the App Configuration tab in Admin under the Teams section.
PS! The name in the Admin section of Digiz can be anything!