We know you might have few questions so we will try to answer some of them here.


Why do I need to have a Valid VAT to register?
Digiz is at the moment sold only inside EU. Nidulus AB that is behind Digiz, is a Swedish based company and therefor have to pay taxes according to certain rules. To be able to count the right Taxes that has to be included or exluded we have choosen to turn our eyes to the EU market where the VAT numbers exist. We are validating the VAT number against the "VIES VAT number validation" service from the EU Commission using a third party service from vatlayer.
Where do I find my VAT number
Digiz is not ment for private individuals. It is a service only geared towards companies. If you have a company ( based within EU ), you will know what your VAT number are. You do get one when you create your company.
My company is based in Sweden, why do I have to pay a larger price than rest of EU
Swedish Moms
Well, the law is the law. Nidulus AB is a Swedish based company so every single Swedish based company buying our services has to pay something we call in Sweden for Moms, Tax in other words. For us it is 25%. Not much to do about it, we all know how it works.


Can I export my own data from the table views?
Full Table Export
If you need to export the Full table data you can do so in the Excel views by simply clicking the button saying: "Download Excel". You will find this button always to the most right spot on top of the tables. The export will be in .xlsx format. Products, Services, Customers, Suppliers and the Contact Book all have Excel views. Products and Services only have Excel views while the others by default show you their Cardviews and let you look at the Excel views by clicking the "Excel view" button"
Individual Table Row Export
In the Customers and Suppliers views you can easy download one row at a time by simply clicking the row you are interested in, inside the Cardview. A Sidebar will slide into view with all the information and there you can choose to download the information at the upper area of the sidebar. If you are in the Contact Book, click the three dots in upper right corner in the card of interest and choose either to mail the contact information or download it as a vCard.
How do I upload data into the Excel view
Copy and simply Paste
Copy data rows from your Excel sheet. CTRL + C data in your Excel. CTRL + V in this Digiz Excel view and data will be copied to the excel sheet. Click Save when you are ready to save the data. Please do observe that the data from your Excel sheet has to be formated the Same way as the Tables. Same ammount of columns and same Type of data. Type of data means, pure text or Numbers. If you are unsure add one single row manually in the Excel View table and then export it to get a blueprint of how it should look. Make sure to format your data before copying it into Digiz or it will mess your data up.
How do I edit and filter my data in the Excel views?
Edit and Filter
Click on a field to edit it. When editing is complete, click Enter and then save the update by clicking the Save button. Filter the columns by clicking the up and down pyramid next to the column name. Select filter options and let the filtering begin.


How do I create an API for my data?
API Creation
All views in Digiz where you are adding your own data can have its own API, infact as many APIs as you need. Only the Admin can create the APIs and they do that in the Admin view.

1. If you are an Admin go to Admin -> API Configuration and click "Add references". You will automatically get a Access Key and a Security Token. These two will be needed for anyone wanting to connect to your API!

2. Choose an API category ( which view you will be wanting to create an API for)

3. Depending on the API Category you will get options to choose from. Write rights are by default off wich means there is only read rights. simply activate the radio button for Write rights and the API will give whoever uses it the rights to edit your data. PS! It goes without saying, be carefull of WHOM you give these rights to!!! Chose what columns in your views are supossed to be part of the API

4. Once you have chosen click "Create Configuration" and your API list will be populated with your API. You can now download the API PDF file to give to your IT people or your customers so they can build services connecting to your API. No Coding! just choosing what view, what rights and what columns. That is how an API should be created by the end user.

Sharing Data

What is the difference between having APIs to share data and Sharing data without an API?
API Creation
When creating an API you are "opening" a road directly into your Data, letting people viewing or even interacting with your data. Sharing means you choose at that moment what data you want to share with others, and you "send" that data away through mail or different platforms such as Slack channels, Discord channels or even to your Teams channels.
Sharing Data
Sharing your data gives you a way to fast share information with your customers, suppliers and/or partners. In our Products and Service views you can simply choose either all rows in the table or specific rows, and then click the Share icon on top of barmenu to get yoru possibility to share yoru data.

Out of the box you will always be able to mail your data, using either mail adresses from your Contact Book, Suppliers or Customers information, or adding an email adress you do not have in yoru system.

Strength of the sharing part comes if you have Slack Channels, Discord Channels or you use Teams and have channels for internal usage or customers or both even. You will be able to share yoru data directly to channels you set up in the admin view after purchasing the addons for these services.