Customers, Suppliers & Contacts

Just like with the products and services, you will be able to add both manually, and synchronizing your data from other services that you connect with.


Working with your connections

First things first, depending on your addons you might have certain extra options in these views. We will go through them all but we will start with the basics.

Basic features
These three views have two viewing options. One is the so called Cardview and the other is the Excelview. It is up to you what makes more sense to work in. The excelviews will all have same features as the product and services views, meaning filtering, pinning of columns, ability to copy paste in Excel data.

The cardviews will lett you overlook the data in a different way that is more centered around the unique individual datarow than a whole table with huge ammounts of datapoints.

There are small nuggets such as ability to download a specific contact as a .vCard in the cardview of Contacts.