Import data from Excel

If you keep data such as customer lists, contact lists or supplier lists, you can easily copy that data over to the lists in Digiz.


"Importing" excel data into your Table view

First things first, depending on your addons you might have certain extra options in these views.

Preparing your Data
All the Table views ( Excel views ) have their own type of columns and type of data. What does this mean? It means that before copying in data from an Excel sheet you need to take a look at the table you will be copying data into. Each column have either a "Text" or a "Number" type of data in them. Each Table have atleast one Required field that has to be filled in.

Preparing your Excel sheet
A tip is to fill out first row with all the data you will be using ( most of the Excel views have a lot of columns and you might not use them all). Make sure that the required columns are filled out as well ( they have a "*" after their column Header title ). When you are done with that, export the Excel sheet by simple clicking the "Download Excelsheet" button in upper right corner of the table. Now you have a blueprint that you can use to make sure that your Excel sheet is looking the right way. PS! Make sure the data types in each column is correct according text or number types and that the required columns are filled out as well!

When your Excel sheet is ready, mark all your data ( without the titles if you have such on first row). Either right click on the marked data area and choose Copy or simple press down CTRL and click "C". Go to yoru Digiz account and to the view you want to paste in the data in. Click the table view anywhere and paste the data in by clicking CTRL + V. Depending on the ammount of rows it might take few seconds for the data to show up. When it does, look it over to see that it is correct. If it is not you ahve most likely forgotten a column or written in wrong data type ( text or number ).

Now choose Save at the bottom of the table and that is it.