Products & Services

The core part of Digiz is the Products and Services lists. This is where you will be adding your data, either manually or by synchronizing it from other services.


Working in your Table view

First things first, depending on your addons you might have certain extra options in these views.

Basic features
The table view for Products and Services are specifically made to give you, the user, opportunity to add the information You need for your data.

You will be able to filter your data on a fine level all depending on what type of data is used in each column. There are text-based data and there are number-based data. Except filtering you will be able to pin your columns as well to the beginning of the table to easier be able to work with certain column data.

Filter table

Addon features
The admin user will be able to extend the possibilities for the Digiz account. Not all but most of our addons are geared towards the table views, specifically the Product and service views. Sync add-ons, for example, will add on the upper right area of the table, synch buttons to let you choose to synchronize your data up to an online service that you have added. You will be able to sync data down to Digiz as well, and all of that, based on the rows you have marked.

You will be able to extend your share possibility to do more than just mail your data, but also push it up to collaboration tools such as Slack, teams and many more to come.

Share table Data