Synchronize your Data

Synchronize your data with online services such as inventory, contact books, customer and supplier managing software.

Sync from Excel

Working in your Table view

First things first, depending on your addons you might have certain extra options in these views.

What is synchronization?
Simply put, synchronization is when you somehow make sure that data in one service is identical to the data in another service. Example when your inventory data is located on your homepage, in your excelsheet, in your ERP and so fort, it preferably should be synchronized. In other words identical in all places.

Why should I synchronize?
Well, you do not have to, that is if you do not mind manually updating that data in several places every time it changes.

How can I synchronize?
There are several ways.
One way is to add a Sync addon such as Upsales or Fortnox to your account through the Addons portal (only Admins can do this). If you do this you will get sync up and down buttons on your excel views. The sync down means you will sync data into Digiz from your choozen synchronization service.If you have several, no problems, you will get a choice from where you want to synchronize your data.

Bear in mind that not ALL the Digiz columns exist in online services that you sync down and up to. Only the columns that do exist in those services and overlap with the Digiz, will be synced.